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How does \'defending points\' work in tennis ...In all events ..grand alms as well master series ?


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    Points are earned at every tournament during a 52-week stretch, the amount of which are determined by how far players advance in said event. The deeper a player goes into a tourney, the more points that are up for grabs. And the bigger a tournament, the more available points. The ATP has four tiers of events – Grand Slams, Masters 1000, ATP 500 and ATP 250. At a Grand Slam, a winner receivers 2,000 points. The runner-up receives 1,200. Semifinalists get 720 and quarterfinalists receive 360. A fourth-round run nets 180, getting to the third round is good for 90 and making the second round brings 45. Players receive 10 points for simply being in the field. The eight Masters 1000 events use the same totals, just cut in half. The ATP 500 cuts that number in half, while the ATP 250 does the same. (The numbers in each tournament category represent how many points the winner receives.)