How Murray can dethrone Djokovic as World No.1?

The Scot takes another step towards the top ranking

It took the Scot, Andy Murray, 96 minutes to thrash his opponent, Roberto Bautista Agut, to win the 8th edition of ATP Shanghai Masters final.

At present, Murray stands with 10485 points and Djokovic with 12900 points. The gap has been reduced to 2415 points as Murray won. He has two more tournaments lined up before the World Tour Finals, London, i.e. ATP 500 Vienna and ATP 1000 Paris. Murray has 800 points to defend, (600 of Paris and 200 of WTF) and Djokovic has 2300 (1000 from Paris and 1300 from WTF). Whereas in Race to London, Murray is just 915 points behind Djokovic. If Murray can win Vienna Open, an ATP 500 event (Erste Bank Open) which he is scheduled to play next week, He will be in quite a good position to dethrone Novak as world No.1.

If Andy Murray manages to win the titles in Vienna, Paris and London, he can easily dethrone Djokovic and become number 1. Since Roger Federer is absent from the tour, Rafael Nadal is struggling with injuries, Novak Djokovic is disinterested about the rankings and points and Stan Wawrinka is way behind in points, Murray has a golden opportunity which he may not get again in his career, and he can achieve it well, especially after his victory at Shanghai and Beijing in a last few days.

“My goal is not to try and reach number one this year. I’d have to win pretty much every match between now and the end of the year. And Novak would have to win hardly any,” Murray said.

“So it’s not in my hands. I want to try and get there, but I don’t think doing that by the end of this year is that realistic.” “So I just want to try and finish this year as strong as I can. Maybe give myself a chance at doing it the early part of next year.”

His opponent from the final also quoted, “I think I can see it in his eyes,” he said. “He’s really focused on getting number one.”

The three tournaments which the Scot is going to play, can play a pivotal role in deciding who finishes the year end at number 1. With the ensembling year as 2016, winning The Rome Masters, the title at Queens, defending the Gold Medal, winning at Shanghai and Beijing, Murray calls this season as his most successful as yet. He is on a full swing, as he didn’t drop a set en route winning Shanghai. Unfortunately, there were no points for winning the gold medal as they were awarded for the previous four editions of Olympics.

On the other hand, Novak Djokovic is seeming like he is disturbed, though is playing well physically, but leaves the shots incomplete and makes the winning shot an unforced error. He loses on the first serve more often now. He is scheduled to play Paris next, and no tournaments in between.

Considering the above scenarios, Murray has a the most exemplary chance to win this year. He can create history, as he will be the only British player to be the world number 1 as Fred Perry became the first such player in 1934.

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