Sita Sahu-The medal winning golgappa seller

Untold and Unheard story of Sita Sahu : The medal winning golgappa seller

By Saurabh Kumar

If you aren’t a news freak you mustn’t have heard this name. Rightly so how would the general people come to know when the government wasn’t able to recognize her; not to help her but to provide her the share of her right.

Now let us give you a brief about one of the pride of our country. Sita Sahu is a double bronze medalist at the 2011 Athens Special Olympics in Athletics. She belongs to a very poor family from Rewa. She had just started her teenage when she won the medals and must have dreamt of winning a gold medal and enhance the pride of our country in world, but it wasn’t that easy.

Due to adverse circumstances she was forced to leave everything and work full time to help her family (in duration 2011-13) and was selling golgappas as her father was ill. But due to attention of media the promise of Madhya Pradesh government finally released the amount of reward (3 lakhs) they had promised earlier and apart from that National Thermal Power Consumption (NTPC) also gave her family a sum of 6 lakhs.

Well now her hard time has passed away but this is a cause of concern and we need to raise a question why so? Why did it happened?

This is a very common scenario and these kind of stories are very common. After every big sporting event like commonwealth games or Olympics, we always wonder why we are able to claim only a few medals in such a big population. Well these kind of stories are a major reason. Players need funds, they need support and this should be done as soon as possible else we always will occupy the bottom half of medals tally.

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