Miami Open 2017 : SemiFinal Highlights

FEDERER and epic, are synonyms, ROGER that! This guy insanely pulled off a victory in a match which would probably be called “The ATP Match of the year”. Neither him, nor Kyrgios, were ready to give up even a single point. What was then left? The match had to be a 3-set one, with all three being tie-breaks. Tie-breaks, which Nick and Roger’s matches have always adorned. Their previous and the first meeting at Madrid 2015, also concluded in three tie-breaks, Kyrgios being the winner. Federer levelled the head-to-head in the Miami semi-final. He had won 7 consecutive tie-breaks, before he lost the second set tie-break to the Australian. Immensely talented, vigorously playing, excruciating and jolting cheers, this is what those two had in bag to bring into exhibitionism on the court. The crowd lost it, cheering for Federer, which eventually became troublesome for the players. Kyrgios actually shouted back to the spectators to keep quiet, while they played.

The match lasted for 3 hours and 10 minutes, to decide that who is going to face Rafael Nadal in the final, as the Spaniard had defeated the unseeded Italian, Fabio Fognini in straight sets in the penultimate ATP match for Day 12. In the first set, Fognini hardly put in any efforts to win a game. Apparently, he woke up in the second set. Nadal won, 6-1, 7-5. Hence, it will a “FeDal” match for the third time in 2017; “FeDal” matches, which take the tennis fans down the memory lane.

Hence, another “FeDal” final is lined up this Sunday. Also, though Kyrgios lost, he has guaranteed to be the next big thing in tennis, undoubtedly.

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