Tennis Premier League

Ever Heard of the team “Non-playing captain”? Here is your chance to be one!

Make your own team by choosing 7 players who you think will perform well in Australian Open 2018

Lower ranked players give you more points when they win. So look out for those upsets! Plan your teams carefully.

Make great Choices and show off your tennis predicting expertise.

Please refer to the ‘RULES‘ page over here

For a Clear Understanding of how the ‘SCORING POINTS‘ works please check here

For the list of players and Australian Open draw please refer “DRAW & PLAYERS

Register your teams in TEAM REGISTRATION page


1. You must choose a team of 7 players

2. Your team must have only 1 player seeded between 1 to 4

3. Your team must have only 1 player seeded between 5 to 8

4. You can only have 2 players from Top 8 seeds

5. Your team must have at least 2 unseeded players (Not in 1-32 Ranks). please refer “DRAW & PLAYERS” page for Unseeded players list.

6. You can choose more than 2 Unseeded players.

Example Teams:

1. Roger Federer (1-4), Marin Cilic (5-8), Juan Martin DelPotro (9-16), Nick Kyrgios (16-32), Tomas Berdych (16-32), Denis Shapovalov (Unseeded), F.Verdasco (Unseeded)