Roger Federer revealed how his injury changed his approach to the game

After spending most of 2016 on the sidelines with a career-threatening knee injury, Federer knows he needs to take it easy with his body.

Federer injured his knee while running a bath for his twins, and he knows he might be just one more serious injury away from having his career ended. But for the moment he has no thoughts of retirement.

Instead, he is eyeing off more grand slam success, and he believes the key to achieving that is by training smarter, instead of harder.

Through the injury I sustained here in Australia a couple of years ago, my mindset has changed,” Federer said.

“I probably work less, with even more quality. So it gives me more time off.

“Essentially I’m working half days if you like, because there’s no point for me to put in all the mega hours anymore, because I know I have it in the vault, I have it there if need be. “That’s why I think it was very important for me to prove to myself at the Australian Open this year — to win those three five setters that I had. (And also win) the two five-setters I had at the US Open.

“I won all the big matches when it came down to the crunch. I know I can do it, and it’s important to stay injury free.”

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  1. Roger, of court is a family man. he knows how to balance his life. If you see how he interacts with people and relates with
    people. He is such a class act. he is one of a kind. Thats why he is so popular, and admired.

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