Novak Djokovic set to miss US Open due to elbow injury

Novak Djokovic is deeply concerned with his elbow injury that he picked during the Wimbledon semis that forced him to retire unfortunately. The Serb had recently travelled to Belgarade to an elbow specialist.

As per reports the Nole will shortly be holding a press conference toexplain his situation. The Serbian Davis Cup team captain said, “’This is something that has been going on for a year and a half, but Nole, thanks to treatment and incredible physical fitness, managed to tolerate problems and play.

Then the injury became chronic, and it’s very good that he handed over the match to Berdych at Wimbledon’, explained Milinkovic. ‘I was just praying for the match to stop, because in a number of situations it was going beyond the limit of pain.

We are friends for so many years and I know when he is not well. In Davis Cup he has played many matches with difficulties. The problem is that it is something that requires a certain recovery time, and he often did not have it.

Like when at Wimbledon, he had to play, in the fourth round and quarter-finals, day after day.’ 

The Serbian doctor also explained the media that this issue can possible extend to the whole arm including the shoulder and hand: ‘Elbow is a very specific part of the body, which is not protected by muscles, but is covered by the skin.

This ‘hinge’ joint, especially with its extension, needs to be ‘locked’, to be stable. And with tennis players, baseball pitchers, handball players, it’s hard. He has a bone bruise because he played too much. He will have to rest for 6-12 weeks.

At the moment, he can’t train with tennis racket but can do physical training.’

If the doctor is to believed. The Nole will be missing out on the US Open that is to be held in a matter of just 5 weeks. Djokovic is even expected to call it a season in his upcoming press conference in order to return completely fit for the next season.


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