Happy Birthday Leo and Lenny Federer

It was at The Australian Kids’ Day in 2015, that Roger Federer twin sons made their first public appearance. While the elder twin sister, Myla Rose and Charlene Riva, enjoyed the exhibition match of their Papa, one of the sons, didn’t find it comfortable without mom Mirka.

 Today, they turn 3. The fraternal twins differ from each other, unlike their sisters, who are identical twins, and elder to them by 5 years. While Mirka and Roger released the first picture of their daughters on 7th August, 2009, i.e. 15 days after they were born, it wasn’t the same in case of the Leo and Lennart (or preferably called Lenny). The boys visit papa in his practice session, but never in the matches. The girls have been observed to be a part of the player box quite a few times now.

 Mirka and Roger got married on 11th April, 2009, while Federer announced it February, the same year, that Mirka was pregnant. And while she was expecting the daughters in 2009, Federer won the Roland Garros and the Wimbledon Championships. 18 days after the Wimbledon victory, Mirka and Roger became proud parents of the twin girls, while the news about conceiving ‘twins’ was kept a secret. The Iron Lady Mirka, during both her courses of pregnancy, didn’t skip any matches of the Swiss Maestro. She was present in every match of every tournament, without fail, both the times, in 2009 and 2014.

 The first Grand Slam Federer won being a dad was at Australian Open 2010, and after being dad of his sons was Australian Open 2017. The girls’ first ever Grand Slam as spectators was Wimbledon 2012, where their daddy won in the final. While the girls play tennis, they love to swim more. The boys haven’t started the tennis training as yet.


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