World’s highest earning Soccer players

By Saurabh Kumar

For the fourth straight year, Real Madrid’s Ronaldo is the world’s highest-paid soccer player. The $93 million he banked in the last year also bests the earnings of every active professional athlete worldwide.

Here are the World’s five Highest-Paid Soccer Players (2017) :

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo – No any surprises as the group is lead by the one who was most expected to do so. This real Madrid Superstar is the highest paid Soccer player in the world and he doesn’t only get 53 million dollars for his exceptional goal-scoring capacity but also get 29 million dollars from endorsement of brands like Nike, Herbalife etc. which take his earnings to 82 million dollars. 
  2. Lionel Messi – Next on the list is another great Messi. A great player from Argentina, who also plays for He also has a very good combination of earnings from both; the power of his legs as well the brand value of the great Lionel messi for the brands like Adidas, Gatorade, EA Sports, and Lays which gives him second position on the list.
  3. Zlatan Ibrahimovic – This sensational striker, now with Manchester United (earlier use to be with Paris Saint-Germain) , continues to be one of the greatest scorers on the planet. He also earn a significant amount of money about 7 million dollars by endorsing companies like Nike and Volvo. He narrowly cracked the third rank on this list. Well to get into top two still seems to be an impossible task right now.
  4. Neymar Jr. – You will be surprised to know the proportion of money this new Barca sensation earn through his soccer skills and his acting skills and brand value. He earn about 39% of earning from his ability to hit goals and rest 61% by endorasing 12 brands such as Rexona, Clear, Panasonic, and Nike.


  1. Gareth Bale – While he is not as dominant as the real Madrid had thought him to be when they spend a lot of money on him, he is still very effective and had come up with great performances whenever his team required him to do so. Of his total earning of 34 million dollars, he earn 24 million dollars from soccer while other 10 million dollars from endorasing brands like Adidas, BT Sport, and Sony Xperia.

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