U-17 FIFA World Cup Final;England vs Spain : Five talking points

(By Rahul Pandey)

The streets of city of joy are ready to be illuminated by the conclusion of the biggest festival in Indian sporting history. Amidst all the records that will be broken,the FIFA U-17 World Cup final will feature an epic encounter, as England take on Spain. The two central powers of club football will go head to head in the summit clash that will see teenagers from the most renowned clubs in the world go after each other. Manchester United and City, Liverpool, Real Madrid or Barcelona, it seems to be a future clash between Premier League and La Liga. So without further ado let’s get into the 5 talking points that will shape the grand finale.

1. Brewster vs Ruiz: The battle of the fronts
The major reason for the success and goal scoring form of both sides, has been their centre- forwards. Rhian Brewster [7] and Abel Ruiz [6] have given their team lead under the most challenging circumstances in scorching Indian conditions. While Ruiz is a product of Barcelona-B team, Brewster is an exciting feature of Liverpool football. Scoring goals might be the only thing they have in common. The Spanish skipper depends more on the close tiki-taka passing system and has scored all his 6 goals with a combined range of about 20 yards. Brewster however is the more pacy and agressive of the two. So it will be interesting to see how both the defences manage to cope up with the forwards.

2. Possession vs All out attack
One very particular reason that will make this game, one to remember will be the taste of gameplay that these two teams have. The U-17 Spaniards have the traditional sense of possession play. Keeping the ball and waiting patiently for the opening is what they believe in. On the other hand the English team is an all out attacking prowess. This side is much like the German side of 2014 World Cup. More direct in their attacking strategy without wasting much balls. It wouldn’t be easy for the Spanish team to contain the likes of Brewster, Foden and Gomes but at the same time it would be interesting to see if the English would be able to take the ball away from the Spaniards.

3. The Back line
In the game of football, holding onto your backline is as important as scoring goals. That importance has increased over the years with the advent of modern attacking tactics. The role of proper centre-backs is unarguably crucial. Joel Latibeaudrere, the Manchester City youth centre-back and Cesar Gelabert from Real Madrid will play the vital role to hold the backline while the midfield and forwards are upfront attacking.

4. A test of adrenaline

Big games surely require a test of nerves that needs to be passed first and foremost. For these set of 22 teenagers it would be the biggest test of their life thou far. Once the referee blows the whistle and things get going, the nerves will have to be settled down pretty quickly. It might even turn out to be a long night for both sides, as the game has a high possibility for an extra 30 minutes or maybe a little bit more. That moment will surely extract a hero to step up and become a national icon.

5. The 12Th man factor
Over the years, the increasing importance of an extra man in the game has been recognised by everyone. In evenly poised and high profile games, the crowd does play an important role in getting the players going till the very last. So as the whole nation and world looks forward to the 80,000 capacitated Swami Vivekananda Yuva Bharti Krirangan, it would be interesting to see whom they favour and who makes the most out of it.



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