Manchester United appoints Michael Carrick as captain

(Image Source : Twitter)

Michael Carrick is the lone warrior standing from the squad that win the Champions League in 2008 after the exit of former United captain Wayne Rooney.

The veteran is now in his 13th year at United and with appearances aplenty he has been handed the responsibility of captain on his shoulders.

Having made 314 apps he won the Premier League 5 times, Community Shield 6 times and Champions League, Europa League each during his 12 years here and relishes the opportunity.

“I feel great, it’s such a huge honour to captain such a great club,” Carrick told MUTV. “Obviously it’s my 12th year here now, I came as a 25-year-old and I never thought I could be here this long and achieve so much.

“I’ll try to lead the boys and guide the young boys in some ways. It’s a nice thing to be [captain] and it’s a real pleasure. I came to this club as a footballer and I’m now a huge fan. I’ve grown to love the club over the years and to be in this position is very special to me.

“I’ll just be myself, you can’t change, it’s wrong to suddenly get a role and start shouting and screaming at everyone and telling them what to do. I’m not like that, I’ll speak when I need to speak but I’m quite laid-back and chilled out. I’ll try and lead by example.”

But is the appointment a viable option for United as Carrick only started 18 games last season and is expected to feature to a minimum in the coming season, United needed someone to lead from the front and a strong start to the season next and Ander Herrera would be more logical choice but Carrick is rewarded for his loyalty.

Of course, it’s not detrimental to the club to have Carrick named as captain, but it feels slightly pointless. All the attributes he has to offer wouldn’t be limited by him not being named captain. In Ferguson’s glory days, there were leaders all over the dressing room. Vidic being named captain didn’t prevent the likes of Ferdinand, Giggs or Patrice Evra giving advice to their teammates.


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