Charlie Davies – Untold story of an American Soccer player

Charlie Davies –An American Soccer player and his unheard story

By Saurabh Kumar

Our parents tell us two popular quotes since our childhood. The first is “A combination of Luck, labor and chance” is essential in order of being successful and the second one is “You have the potential to ride your luck and change your destiny by working with passion in your area of interest”. But if you want to see a perfect living example of these things just read this story, you will surely get some goosebumps and find yourself a reason to motivate yourself at the end of this blog.

Charles Davies an American soccer player who plays as a striker with the Philadelphia Union in Major League Soccer.not a very renowned name but one with a great potential to do so come into international arena 10 years ago and was supposed to be one of the greatest strikers of the US man’s national team. He played the Athens Olympics 2008 and played exceptionally well and marching ahead on the dream path of every sportsman and was sure to be in the squad of US for the world cup 2010.

But the plans of the destiny were driving him to hospital rather than the soccer field and on 13th October 2009 he met a big accident on George Washington Bridge and fractured his skull, femur and Tibia. This accident almost killed this Boston college star who broke almost every record in the Independent school league (ISL) by scoring 73 goals in two seasons. It took almost two years for him to step again in the soccer field but he did it and scored two goals in his first match against New England Revolution.

But the stories of hardships aren’t over yet the recent time had also been very difficult for him as her wife give birth to premature twin babies and Charlie was in the trap of a fatal disease cancer because of a tumor in his groin. Well now he is completely fine and ready to rule the field.

The story of this man is really inspiring and a source of motivation. He is a very determined person and nicknames himself as “One nut chuck”. In an interview he told that he never want that the people around him treat him differently because of all the things that he had faced. Really this man deserves a big salute for the fight he had shown against the life.

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