Sunil Gavaskar : Anil Kumble resignation is really sad day for Indian cricket

Sunil Gavaskar lashes out on few media reports, which went on to claim that Anil Kumble’s exit as Team India’s head coach was due to him being a hard taskmaster, which some Indian players apparently had a problem with.

Little Master described the resignation of national cricket head coach Anil Kumble as a sad day for Indian cricket and patted him for doing a great job in his one-year stint.

 Anil must have had his reasons (of resigning). I would have thought Anil would carry on. Once the CAC (the Cricket Advisory Committee) had given its ok, I would have thought that Anil would carry on. I have very little idea about the differences between the two (Kohli and Kumble), if at all there were any differences, but it is a sad day because he has been one of the greatest cricketers that India has produced and for him to not want to do the job for whatever reason, and perhaps he might come up with the reasons over the next couple of days but that is really sad for Indian cricket.”

Elaborating on the differences between the two, Gavaskar went on to add, “There will always be differences in a group of more than two or three people. That’s bound to happen when you are in a tense situation. India has won everything since the time Anil took over. I can’t see Kumble doing much wrong in one year and the only reason this kind of a day has come is clearly because there has to be something which didn’t quite gel in that group.”


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