New ICC Rules : Umpires will be able to send off players for violence

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International Cricket Council’s Chief Executives Committee has approved multiple rule changes to the cricket . The rules will come into effect from October 1 this year.

1) On DRS : According to the new implementation, the teams will not be losing their reviews if the review is lost by an ‘umpire’s call’ verdict.

The decisions include the use of DRS in all T20 Internationals. With the tweak in the DRS rule on umpires call, the current rule allowing the top-up of reviews after 80 overs in Tests has been removed.

The minimum standards for DRS use would include the mandatory use of accredited ball tracking and edge detection technology.

2) On Bat Sizes : The bats will have the sizes of the measurements having limits of 108mm in width, 67 mm in depth and 40mm at the edge.

3) On field Misconducts : The umpires will have the right to send the players off the park for misconduct during the game.

4) On run outs : The batsmen will be declared not out if their bat bounces after being grounded behind the crease line.

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